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Partial Knee Replacement Candidate

August 8, 2019


Many patients will come to me asking if they are appropriate candidate for partial knee replacement. In a partial knee replacement, we simply remove the arthritis from only one part of the knee leaving the remainder of the knee intact. This has multiple advantages, including a much improved recovery time, about half of what a total knee replacement takes. The procedure itself is an outpatient procedure where you go home the same day. In a partial knee replacement, all of the cruciates as well as collateral ligaments are completely intact and all we do is take away the damaged part of the knee. There's specific requirements for patients who may be a candidate for this specific procedure and may not have arthritis in the other parts of the knee. If on your MRI or x-rays suggest arthritis in more than one compartment in the knee, then you may not be a candidate for partial knee replacement, requiring full knee replacement surgery.

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