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Doctor city: Spokane

Matthew Wallace

Wayne Venters

Russell Vanderwilde

Bryan Tompkins

Antoine Tohmeh

Carla Smith

John Shuster

Khalid Shirzad

William Shanks

Anthony Sestero

David Scott

Miguel Schmitz

Steven Sanwick

Alexander Reichard

Timothy Powers

Shaun Peterson

Arnold Peterson

Brian Padrta

William Page

William Osebold

Russell Oakley

Douglas Norquist

George Monkman

Bryan Mitchell

Michael McDonald

Patrick Lynch

Timothy Lovell

Christopher Lang

Michael Kody

Tycho Kersten

Jonathan Keeve

Andrew Howlett

Paul Horn

William Faloon

Donald Ellingsen

James Dunlap

Alan Danielson

Paul Caskey

Erica Burns

William Bronson

Robert Brewster

Eric Bowton

Craig Bone

Craig Barrow

Glen Baird

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