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Doctor city: Baton Rouge

Carey Winder

Meredith Warner

Charles Walker

John Thomas

Alan Schroeder

Ricardo Rodriguez

Richard Robichaux

Michael Robichaux

Barry Rills

Kevin Riche

Catherine Riche

Robert Rabalais

David Pope

Darryl Peterson

Gerard Murtagh

Joe Morgan

Bruce Monaco

Lawrence Messina

Kevin McCarthy

John Loupe

Niels Linschoten

Randall Lea

W Laughlin

William Laughlin

James Lalonde

Samuel Irwin

Jorge Isaza

Nick Hatzis

Nickos Hatzis

William Hagemann

R Griffith

Craig Greene

Craig Greene

Kyle Girod

Mark Field

Larry Ferachi

Alan Farries

Henry Eiserloh

Tina Creekmore

Kenneth Cranor

Gordon Blanchard

A Bankston

Albert Bankston

Sepideh Baghian

Rasheed Ahmad

Rick Ahmad

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